Campaign begins to repair and replace Catholic school

St. Joseph Elementary School in Kelowna has begun a fundraising campaign to repair and replace its aging buildings.

“It was founded in 1939, and for about 10 years now, they’ve been considering a build or a reno or a move,” said Holly Routley, development co-ordinator for the St. Joseph project masterpiece campaign.

“Last year, we came up with a plan to raise $4.8 million to fund the offsite build.”

Plans include removing Mackenzie and St. Joseph’s halls, renovating Doyle Hall and building a two-storey addition containing 12 new classrooms.

There will also be new landscaping, along with a new playground and repaving.

The old, deteriorating buildings can be a deterrent for some parents, so the new building and the renovation will be a welcome change, said Routley.

“It’s ensuring the continuing of Catholic education,” said Routley. “We really want to reflect what’s happening inside. We have exceptional quality education.”

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