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Please consider submitting your Masterpiece Alumni Story. Stories are to be 400 words or less. Share with us some of your school day positive memories, along with one of your school photos. Feel free to tell us how a faith based education impacted you.
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I am grateful that I am an alumnus of both St. Joseph and Immaculata. I went through Grades 1-12 here in Kelowna, graduating in 1974. Amazingly, all of the buildings that were there “way back then” are all still active now. Most of them were in some form of disrepair then and they are certainly long overdue for replacement.

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Submitted by alumni – Don Turri

I am sure they must have heard the screams — not from the students — but from our teacher, Sister Albert Marie as she jumped from her chair to the top of her desk, black robes flowing in all directions—all because of the little mouse that ran from the stage toward her. Did we dare laugh? I honestly can’t remember…

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Submitted by alumni – Marie Ross

I can remember my mother and my Aunt Helen discussing something about my going to school but I would be missing my afternoon nap (we had those in my day). They put the question to me, would you like to go to school for half a day. Of course, I was not too sure what kindergarten or school was about.

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Submitted by Alice de Pfyffer

Reflecting on his time as a student at St. Joe’s and an aspiring young hockey player in Kelowna, National Hockey League standout Josh Gorges recalls lessons of leadership and selflessness: “You look at the things that got you where you are today, it was because of the people before us who stepped up and helped out”.

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Submitted by alumni – Josh Gorges

St. Joseph Elementary School fostered a safe environment for me to freely live my love for Jesus. My Catholic education supported and enhanced my family’s faith and values, while providing me with a strong academic foundation. I am so grateful that my son is now nurturing his faith…

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Submitted by alumni – Renée Burzuk

I look back on my education from St. Joseph’s Elementary, and I truly have fond memories. I was the girl who enjoyed the small things like raising and tying up the flag while the school sang O Canada, working the overhead projector with the lyrics to the hymns during mass, band concerts in the gymnasium…

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Submitted by Siobhan Barker