St. Charlies Angels Thank You

Dear Friends of the St. Joseph Project Masterpiece Campaign,

Thank you to all the guests and volunteers who came out to support our very first Masterpiece Fundraising Event! Last Tuesday’s sold out performance kicked off our fundraising series on a glorious “high note♪♫” by showcasing the amazing harmonies & humour of our very own St. Charlie’s Angels. Just as in 1939 when the Sisters of Charity answered the call to first open our school’s doors, our “Singing Nuns” again stepped forth to playfully and beautifully launch our coming season of giving and help open the doors of a new and renewed St. Joe’s.

The enthusiasm in our community was tangible as everyone packed into St Charles Garnier Church Tuesday night. Several times throughout the performance the massive crowd leapt to their feet in droves clapping in spontaneous ovations and shouting for encores. One attendee aptly summarized: “This event was the highlight of my year.”

“You would have thought it was the last available Christmas mass in Kelowna the way people rushed in to fill St. Charles last night … over 600 souls were inspired with spirit and infused with excitement by the triumphant return of St. Charlie’s Angels! Whether the playful antics of Kelowna’s newest bad-habit “Sister Holly-Lewa”, the amazing harmonies & humour of our special Angels, the outstanding wind up speech from our Bishop or the amply circulating treats & hospitality, the evening was precisely the Masterpiece our St. Joseph Project reflects…

Like the Sisters of Charity so long ago, St. Charlie’s Angels boldly answered the community’s call for support. A year of preparation was packed into just two months for them to put this outstanding show together. Their polish was unquestionable and their spirit unmatchable. It is indeed lucky that St. Charles sports a low roof as the enthusiasm raised Tuesday night could easily have had floated all there into the ether.”

Hal Spelliscy
Bishops Task Force Chair

The spirit of our schools, the St. Joseph Project and the Masterpiece Campaign were well received by all. Several pledges were collected that evening and are continuing to be received daily. We are overwhelmed by the accolades and encouragement the community has offered for the project and its continued, exciting progress.

If you or someone you know are ready to bring your gift of time, talent or treasure to the Masterpiece Campaign, please contact our development team. We look forward to hearing from you.

Advent blessings,

Holly Routley
Development Coordinator,
The St. Joseph Project
Masterpiece Campaign
(250) 575-6996